Haihao Group fabricate pipe spools to support water supply project in Tanzania

In order to solve shortage of water supply, Tanzania planed to construct thousands of water facilities. This plan will be finished in three stages. First stage was from 2007, second stage was from 2014, third stage will begin from 2019.

Hebei Haihao Group are professional pipe spools manufacturer over 36 years, we are aimed to offer excellent pipeline solution to customers all over the world. It’s our honor to have the opportunity to fabricate pipe spools for this project and solve the shortage of water supply. It need much welding works to fabricate spools,our engineers made detailed ITP and PQR according to ASME.

pipe spools

pipe spools,Pipe spool fabrication


To guarantee spools same as requirement, our engineers makes 3D model drawing according to project requirement. Our fabrication workshop fabricated pipe spools according to 3D drawing. QC teams inspect according to technical documents. Considering traffic conditions to field in Tanzania, our packing team designed suitable scheme to guarantee spools in good conditions during delivery. These spools had been installed and used in the project. The residents drank heath water.





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