Saudi customer added B16.9 A234 WPB tee and B16.47A A105 RF weld neck flange orders

In mid March, the B16.49 API5L GR. B bend with a diameter of 1219mm ordered by a Saudi customer was shipped. After receiving the goods, the customer expressed great satisfaction with the quality of the product. Due to project needs, the customer needs to purchase a batch of B16.9 standard A234 material tees and B16.47 standard A105 material weld neck flanges. After receiving the order, Haihao quickly arranged for production scheduling.


The size of the tee ordered by the customer this time is DN1000 * DN250, and the wall thickness is 9.53mm. Due to the general corrosion resistance of carbon steel, a layer of anti-corrosion coating should be applied to the surface of carbon steel products. The large diameter elbows previously shipped to customers were coated with zinc rich epoxy paint to avoid corrosion. The B16.9 A234 WPB tee ordered by the customer this time also requires the same coating treatment.

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