Haihao participated in the supply of Yamal project

The Yamal LNG project is known as the “model of international energy cooperation in the Arctic” and the bright pearl of the “the Belt and Road”. At that time, it not only received strong support from the Chinese and Russian governments, but also attracted international attention. The final investment decision of the project was completed in December 2013. In 2017, the first production line of the project produced the first batch of LNG products, and the construction speed was commendable.

pre-fabrication spools

prefabricated product

Haihao Group has participated in the supply of the project. Since the project is located in the Arctic Circle, it has high requirements for low temperature resistance of products. The project requires that the product can be used normally under the environment of minus 50 ℃ and has good corrosion resistance. Haihao Group improved the production process and strictly controlled the quality of raw materials according to the needs, and finally completed the flange products required for the project.

In terms of material selection, the steel smelted by electric furnace smelting+vacuum degassing+refining outside the furnace shall be strictly controlled. During flange forging, the heat treatment process shall be strictly controlled and normalized or normalized+tempered; The austenitizing temperature of normalizing is 900-930 ℃, and the heat preservation time is calculated according to the thickness of the flange during heat treatment as 1.2-1.5min/mm; After heat preservation, put the flange into the wind farm for air cooling+spray cooling. When the flange surface temperature drops to 500 ± 20 ℃, stop spray, and when it drops to 300 ± 20 ℃, stop blowing; The flange to be tempered shall be reheated to 580-630 ℃, and the heat preservation time shall be calculated as 1.2-1.5min/mm according to the thickness of the flange; After heat preservation, air cool to room temperature.

Pipe fabrication in Haihao Group

Pipe fabrication in Haihao Group

Finally, with the unremitting efforts of Haihao, we successfully forged flange products that meet the requirements of customers. With the successful cooperation of this project, Haihao Group has successfully won a series of orders for subsequent LNG projects, icebreaker projects and so on. Our flange, steel pipe, elbow, tee and other products are also recognized by customers with excellent quality.



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