Characteristics of global offshore oil and gas exploration and development

The global offshore oil and gas resources have great potential for exploration. From the perspective of proven degree, the proven rate of offshore oil reserves is nearly 24%, and that of natural gas reserves is more than 30%. However, from the perspective of exploration, it is still lack of perfection. Explore the water depth distribution of this resource. In shallow water areas, if the water depth is less than 400 meters, the proven rate is more than 28%, and the cumulative production of natural gas is more than 38%; The proven rate of deepwater areas with water depth of more than 400 meters and less than 2000 meters is nearly 14%, and the cumulative production of natural gas is more than 27%; The proven rate of oil in the ultra-deep water area of more than 2000 meters is more than 7%, and the cumulative production of natural gas is more than 7%.


With the continuous acceleration of the development of science and technology, the operation of some key sea areas has been deepened, including the relevant data of the Gulf of Mexico, West Africa and Brazil in the United States. At present, the depth of exploration wells can even reach 3400 meters, and the depth of subsea production system can reach nearly 3000 meters, which presents a global deepwater development situation and continuously increases deepwater oil and gas production. According to the current deepwater oil production of various countries, apart from the United States, including Angola, Nigeria and other countries, deepwater oil mining output is very high, accounting for more than 90%.

According to the current offshore investment of international oil companies, the proportion of deepwater investment is more than 50%. For example, BP has invested a large amount of money in deepwater oil and gas exploitation, with an annual output of more than 50000000 tons of oil equivalent, accounting for more than 30% of the company’s total oil and gas production. From the perspective of the regions where the funds are invested, major international companies mainly enter large regions, including the Mediterranean Sea, the Gulf of Mexico of the United States, Brazil’s undersalt oil reservoirs, and the surrounding areas of the Arctic. In addition, the important trends of deepwater oil and gas exploration and development also include West Africa and the South China Sea.

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