Prefabricated welded joints in prefabrication

Welding joints can be divided into two types, fixed joints and rotating joints. The fixed welding joint means that the equipment or pipe fittings do not move, and the welding is performed by people moving; the rotating welding joint means that the equipment or pipe fittings move, and people can choose an ideal position for welding. The most essential difference between the two is that the former can only or mainly use manual arc welding, while the latter can not only use manual arc welding, but also automatic welding.


Prefabricated welding joints are welding joints that are welded in advance in the factory before they are connected to the pipeline system. The prefabricated welding joints are mainly rotating welding joints. Since the prefabricated welding joints need to comprehensively consider the operability of on-site welding in the later stage, the quality requirements for the welding joints are relatively high. Haihao Group had previously received a batch of prefabrication orders from Chilean customers, and the prefabrication parts used this kind of welding joint.

Haihao Group has an experienced welding team and advanced automatic welding equipment, which can excellently complete the welding tasks in prefabrication. At the same time, Haihao has rich production experience and can produce high-quality flanges, steel pipes, pipe fittings, elbows, tees and other pipeline engineering supporting products. After more than 40 years of market testing, Haihao is definitely the best partner for your engineering project cooperation.



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