Introduction to Haihao’s five major classification societies

The classification society is an organization engaged in the inspection of ships and marine equipment. The classification society usually carries out technical inspection on newly produced ships, and will issue corresponding certificates after all safety facilities of the ships are inspected to be qualified. Different classification societies have different acceptance standards. At present, there are more than 50 classification societies in the world. Generally, we take IACS members as the standard. At present, there are 11 classification societies in total, and they are more recognized worldwide. At present, Haihao has been certified by five classification societies. Now let’s take a look of these five classification societies.

Certification by classification society

Certification by classification society

ABS: ABS is recognized worldwide and used to ensure the quality of materials, parts and structures. It cooperates with marine industries around the world, with high authority, high certification cost and relatively long certification period. It has standard requirements for product quality, worker technology and welding flaw detection, with a certification period of 3-6 months.

DNV: Det Norske Veritas and Deutschland Veritas merged in 2012, and now it has become the third largest classification society in the world. DNV certification is strict. The factory needs to obtain DNV certification first, and then can certify the products produced by the factory. The cost is high.


BV: It carries out inspection and verification business in many fields, and also provides ship equipment testing, inspection and certification. In addition to the certification of marine equipment, it also provides certification of construction industry, agricultural products, food, industry and other consumer goods. The certification period is about 4 months, and it is highly recognized in Europe.

RS: In addition to providing basic certification, it also provides certification for marine equipment with low temperature working environment requirements. Obtaining RS certification means that Haihao’s products can work in minus 40 degrees.

RINA: There are two types of marine business of RINA: One is the traditional ship inspection business, that is, the inspection of ships, marine engineering and marine products according to law; The other is the existing ship status assessment and industrial service business.

With the certification of the five major classification societies, Haihao’s products are more and more widely used in various ships, such as FPSO, LNG, cruise ships, and other ships. At present, our pipeline products, such as pipe fittings, flanges, steel pipes, forgings, etc., have been certified by these classification societies. Whether you need ordinary products from the classification society certification manufacturers or the third party inspection of the classification society, please contact us for solutions.




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