Advantages of prefabrication

Prefabrication is the practice of assembling structural components in the factory or other manufacturing sites and transporting complete components or sub assemblies to the construction site where the structure is located. In pipe fitting engineering, prefabrication has been more and more widely used. What advantages does prefabrication have? Let’s see why prefabrication is becoming more and more popular.



1.Prefabrication is completed in the factory, which can alleviate the labor shortage of contractors, reduce on-site construction and improve construction efficiency.

2.Prefabrication can reduce the transportation cost. Traditional construction needs to transport various components from different places to the construction site, so the transportation cost of prefabrication is much lower.

3.Prefabrication is carried out indoors by the factory, which eliminates the impact of most weather and construction environment, and the factory can provide additional quality assurance.

4.Prefabrication can also protect the environment of the construction site, because most of the processing is completed in the factory, and the impact on the environment of the construction site will be minimized.

It is these advantages that make prefabrication more and more popular in pipe fitting engineering. With years of production experience, Haihao Group can perfectly complete all kinds of prefabricated products. We have professional technical teams and technicians. If you have prefabrication needs, please contact us at any time, and we will provide you with satisfactory solutions according to your needs.



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